Travel Fashion: Top 5 sneakers to take on holiday

I never travel without sneakers, whether I'm heading to a beach holiday or weekend to Paris they just always have a place in my heart luggage. There has been too many "That hill doesn't look too bad" or "It will be a nice walk to our hotel from here" moments that I've been so grateful to a … Continue reading Travel Fashion: Top 5 sneakers to take on holiday

Travel Fashion: Flight outfit advice

We're of the opinion that your outfit can make or break your flight, we're talking long flights. After making the mistake of tying and untying shoe laces seven times, getting stuck in a hoodie and accidentally elbowing the passenger next to me, it's save to say we've learned some lessons along the way. Here they … Continue reading Travel Fashion: Flight outfit advice

Travel Fashion: Sneak around town

Here at Global Occasion we might have a slight obsession with sneakers. We wear them almost everyday, and almost all day long. Naturally they are our closest travel companions and no. 1 Travel-Fashion tip. For boys and girls. There really is no reason to wear horrible, out of fashion trainers these days. Not only are … Continue reading Travel Fashion: Sneak around town