Travel Places: Visit Ladismith and my Ouma

Ladismith Western Cape South Africa

Happy Women’s Day to all my South African friends! On this National Women’s Day, celebrated in South Africa to honour those women who participated in the 1956 Women’s March, I would like to dedicate this post to a very special woman in my life, my grandmother. My Ouma Hettie is from Ladismith, Klein Karoo which will […]

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Travel Places: Visit Blues Kitchen, London

The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch London

It’s been ages since we’ve had a good Friday night out in London. My friend Jana J. suggested Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch, London and I’m pretty sure we could have stayed all night. What’s the deal? Food first Firstly, the food. Hot damn, they know how to serve meat (sorry vegetarian/vegan friends reading this). As […]

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Travel Places: Top 5 Porto Tips

After spending four lovely nights in Lisbon, we got on a train and headed to Porto. We bought our ticket the day before (you can pick up a ticket from any of the major stations in Lisbon), but I would recommend being a bit more organised and buying in advance here. We arrived at Porto early […]

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Travel: Pic of the Week

What: The Tulip stairs, the first geometric self-supporting spiral stair in Britain Where: Queen’s House, London When: 1 August 2017 Why: I just loved taking this picture while exploring Greenwich with two friends from South Africa. We didn’t plan on seeing this so it was complete surprise to discover the Tulip Stairs. As I was researching […]

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Travel Places: Top 5 Lisbon tips

Lisbon Portugal Tram

As a family we’ve wanted to travel to Portugal for many years, finally, we made it happen. I met my parents in Lisbon where they arrived after taking incredibly well-priced flights from Cape Town to Lisbon with TAAG at R4200. TAAG currently has super specials that you need to check out. Both my parents can’t […]

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Travel Tech: Try this app

Travel Tech Lucky Trip App

It is NOT a real problem to have, I’m fully aware of that, but if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel it is sometimes overwhelming to decide where to go. With all the bloggers *cough*, travel sites, hotel booking sites and your friend’s Instagram feed the world really is your oyster. […]

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Travel Fashion: Top 5 sneakers to take on holiday

Sneaker love

I never travel without sneakers, whether I’m heading to a beach holiday or weekend to Paris they just always have a place in my heart luggage. There has been too many “That hill doesn’t look too bad” or “It will be a nice walk to our hotel from here” moments that I’ve been so grateful to a […]

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