Travel Tech: Tips to relax on your holiday

Travel Tech

Once you are on holiday it is pretty annoying being reminded about reality. For that reason, I have a love-hate relationship with my phone (actually any device that connects me to the real world). There are a few things that make me slightly panicky when I’m abroad: When I’m trying to connect to wifi and […]

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Travel Places: Things to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh seriously ticks all the boxes for anyone looking to get swept off their feet. This is one romantic, little city with architecture that will make your heart skip a beat. We spent three nights in Edinburgh earlier this year. It was relaxing, beautiful and we felt as though we’ve gone back in time. Where […]

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Travel Tip: Dealing with travel anxiety

Back in the day, I used to love flying. However, today it’s a different world. You have limits on liquids you can take it, over booking flights is an everyday occurrence and general safety is always a consideration. As much as I am a travel addict, I also get horribly anxious when travelling. Mostly this […]

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Travel Places: Visit New Forest for a weekend break

New Forest UK

It’s taken me too long to write about lovely, lovely New Forest. In a nutshell, if the following sounds like heaven to you then you need to go: Endless forest Ponies for days Beautiful beaches and… A bloody good pub lunch. You can find all of the above in one of my favourite places in […]

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Travel Places: Top 5 Porto Tips

After spending four lovely nights in Lisbon, we got on a train and headed to Porto. We bought our ticket the day before (you can pick up a ticket from any of the major stations in Lisbon), but I would recommend being a bit more organised and buying in advanceΒ here. We arrived at Porto early […]

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Travel Places: Top 5 Lisbon tips

Lisbon Portugal Tram

As a family we’ve wanted to travel to Portugal for many years, finally, we made it happen. I met my parents in Lisbon where they arrived after taking incredibly well-priced flights from Cape Town to Lisbon with TAAG at R4200. TAAG currently has super specials that you need to check out. Both my parents can’t […]

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Travel Tech: Try this app

Travel Tech Lucky Trip App

It is NOT a real problem to have, I’m fully aware of that, but if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel it is sometimes overwhelming to decide where to go. With all the bloggers *cough*, travel sites, hotel booking sites and your friend’s Instagram feed the world really is your oyster. […]

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