Pic of the week: St-Dunstan-in-the-East, London

What: St Dunstan-in-the-East old church ruins. Where: Dunstan’s Hill, London EC3R 5DD. Halfway between London Bridge and Tower of London. When: 15 September 2017 Why: The beautiful bombed ruins of St Dunstan-in-the-East used to be a medieval church destroyed in WWII. It was also severely damaged many years earlier in The Great Fire of London in 1666. […]

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Travel Places: Visit Wonderful Wapping in East London

Wapping, London, UK

Wapping, in East London, is simply wonderful! I can’t thank our dear friends Jana and Ger enough for introducing us to our favourite part of London. If you are looking at renting, buying or just spending a day in the area here is why you need to: What makes Wapping great: Community pride This small […]

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Travel Places: A visit to picture perfect Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

This post will be more pictures than words, but you’ll soon see why. Bourne & Hollingsworth has been on my wishlist of places to visit in London for ages. I’ve screengrabbed their Instagram account too many times to count. So when a special guest (Jana H’s mother, Lounette) was here from South Africa it was […]

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Travel Places: Visit Maltby Street Market for great food

Maltby Street Market

There is always something to discover in London, and this weekend was no exception. After being told about the amazing Maltby Street Market in December 2016 (thanks, Ilse!), we finally made our way to this gem in Bermondsey. If you like food and don’t like crowds (including hordes of tourists) then this market will become your new […]

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Travel Places: Hampstead Heath Mixed Pond, London

Hampstead Heath

Since moving to London I’ve hoped there would be the perfect day to visit the Hampstead Heath mixed pond. Being able to swim in natural water sources is something that, as a South African, I am very privileged to view as part of my life. Summer simply can’t be ending without a dip. Most of […]

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Travel Places: Balans Soho Society, Clapham Common

Balans Soho Society Clapham Comon

Finding a good brunch spot is as important to a 30-something Londoner like finding happy-hour for a 21-year old. As some of your friends move on to create little, lovely families and you become more annoyed with crowds it’s the ultimate solution. Luckily London has no shortage of brunch spots, and Balans Soho Society in […]

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Pic of the week: Tower Bridge

What: Tower Bridge, London Where: Connecting South and North London (on the East side) and leading you to the beautiful Tower of London, London. When: 19 August 2017 Why: 10 months ago we moved to Wapping in East London and it’s been one of the best things we’ve done (thanks, Jana and Ger). Part of […]

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