Travel places: Thames river views, London

Thames River view, London

We are extremely lucky to have recently moved to a Thames river facing apartment. It’s an absolute dream and I didn’t think we would love it as much as we are! I had no idea that even when it’s 7c outside I would be able to sit in a t-shirt and shorts on our balcony when the sun is out!

My favourite part is seeing the sunrise and set every day. I just wish my photos can do it more justice, but hey…you should always have goals and in this case, mine is photography related.

So here are a few of my favourite shots taken in the first three weeks of being in the new place. Almost completely untouched (just straightening ofΒ photos).

There has been so much life on the river. Birds, people searching for treasures or walking their dogs and even a porpoise playing in the water right in front of me.

It’s given me a very literal reason to get out of bed in the mornings…finally!

Take a look at this Telegraph article to see the best hotels with a Thames river view in London. I’ve posted more pics of a nearby coffee shop and Tower BridgeΒ if you like this river business as much as I do.


Thames River view, LondonThames River view, London

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