Travel Places: Finding colour in Chinatown, London

It’s strange how in London you never go somewhere then in 1 week you bizarrely hit the same spot four times! This happened to me recently in Chinatown, London.

To be honest, I avoid this area like the sun avoids the UK, but I ended up enjoying my visits there. The faces, the pace and most of all the colours!

It’s smaller than New York’s Chinatown but it’s still special. If you can, go as early or late as possible or during the weekday (as with any tourist attraction). Also, go hungry!

I specifically love the couple with the woman in her super stylish leather jacket and the man carrying her handbag #couplegoals.

It’s going to be my number one spot to visit in London when the grey skies get too much. Who doesn’t love red?

Some Chinatown love below:

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