Travel Places: My favourite beaches to swim

Best beaches to swim

Best beaches to swimWriting about Cornwall and the brilliant time we had there got me thinking about my favourite beaches and more specifically, places to swim. Let’s be clear. I am very biased with the list. First of all; I haven’t been to all the beaches in the world (such is life) and secondly I am highlighting THREE South African beaches. Yes, fine, I know. But, honestly, they are my favourite beaches! I am sure this might change over the next couple of years when I am hopefully going to see a beach or two more but for now…this is it:

Onrus, South Africa

Full disclosure this is my adult hometown. So I’m certainly not objective. I love Onrus beach. The perfect spot to get a coffee while watching youngsters battle with the waves. This beach is not for the faint-hearted. It has strong currents and a steep drop off as you enter the water but that also means it’s FUN!

About 10min walk along the sea you will also discover Davies Pool, my all time favourite swimming spot. Another plus about Davies Pool is that you don’t have to compete with the Onrus Beach surfers. A natural tidal pool surrounded by benches for the perfect sunset smooth.

Onrus Beach South Africa


Capri, Italy

In all fairness, Capri is not so much about which one beach is the best, but rather the fact that the entire island is swimming gold! No matter where you decide to swim it will be warm, smooth and bring you endless joy. Without a doubt one of my most memorable swims which included jumping from a very cute boat.

Capri Italy Swim travel




Balos Beach, Crete, Greece

THE bluest water that you’ll ever see! We went there on a windy day, but it was still magical. Small waves for a bit of an adventure, but overall a calm and very clear swim. It’s hard to access which means that it’s not overcrowded (even when a group of tourists arrives). Read more about our holiday in Crete here.

Balos Beach Crete Swim Greece



Noetsie Knysna, South Africa

Knoetsie is almost too good to be true. This relatively small beach near Knysna is definitely off the beaten track and is surrounded by little castles. Really. Apologies for the poor photo quality but it was 2010 and taken on an underwater camera. Hopefully, I’ll get to go back soon to get some proper pictures.

The water, yet again, is warm but pretty choppy. Make sure you don’t get too distracted by spying on the castles and turning your back on the ocean. You know the rule. Read more about the Noetsie Castles here.

Noetsie Beach Knysna South Africa



Vleesbaai, South Africa

This is where my other half spent most of his childhood summer holidays. It’s not hard to see why. This is a small coastal village with only a handful of mostly holiday homes. The waves can get rather playful (a common spot to find surfers and anglers) so be careful. However, the water is warm and only on the off chance will you be stung by a blue bottle. The views in Vleesbaai is something to experience, ideally with a picnic and some prosecco. Read more about Vleesbaai here.

Vleesbaai South Africa


Crazy-ready for summer in South Africa now!

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