Travel Places: Paradise in Porthtowan, Cornwall

Cornwall travel UK

Cornwall travel UKFor anyone coming from Cape Town (or a town with a beach), you’ll know that we are very blessed with a large selection of crazy beautiful beaches surrounding our crazy beautiful city. After moving to London in we craved a weekend beach break. Finally, we found a little bit of paradise known as Porthtowan in Cornwall.


Why we loved Porthtowan, Cornwall:

  1. It’s far from an overcrowded UK beach

    The village is very small with only a handful of houses with almost direct access to the beach.

  2. It’s surrounded by breathtaking cliffs filled with history

    Ideal for an afternoon hike, followed by a well-deserved bubbly. As you are wandering the cliffs you’ll find evidence of old mining tramways used to transport tin or copper ore to the nearby harbours. Spooky and awesome at the same time.

  3. The beach is just the right size

    Although the water was too cold for us lucky South Africans there was a lot of people swimming! It’s a sandy beach with only a few rocks here and there. So it’s perfect for chilling on the beach for as long as you have the sun keeping you company. Porthtowan Beach is a blue flag beach, people. Not sure what that means? Me neither…but I did some googling and basically, it means AWESOME, safe and clean.

  4. Quick access to larger towns and grocery stores

    You can tap into the real world just long enough to get goodies for your BBQ, but very quickly get back to paradise without feeling overwhelmed.

  5. It’s the much-needed break you need from London

    The drive to Cornwall is far enough that you’ll truly feel you’ve escaped the city. Even though we mostly had the grey weather we all felt like new people coming back to London.

Where to stay in Porthtowan, Cornwall?

Stay in this beautiful AirBnB and you’ll only a surfboard’s length away from the beach with a quint little BBQ on the balcony waiting for you. Cost per night starts from £50.

Porthtowan Beach, Cornwall, UK
View from our beautiful AirBnB

The apartment comes with 2 bedrooms and a pull-out sofa. However, I think 4 adults is the perfect number to really enjoy this cozy spot with an ocean view. The apartment has lovely decor in typical beach style.

There is parking at the back of the building and a basic shop (think ice, toilet paper, etc) within walking distance from it. You can also just cross the beach to get to the Blue Bar for a sundowner.

How to get there:

As we did on our trip to New Forest, we decided to rent a car from Woking to avoid central London traffic. It’s also more affordable to rent a car from Woking than London. From here the drive was fairly straightforward, but not quick. Because guess what…we went on a bank holiday weekend. If you can, avoid going on a busy weekend or hitting the highway on a Friday or Sunday.

This is where you need to head.


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