Travel Places: Visit Wonderful Wapping in East London

Wapping, East London

Wapping, East LondonWapping, in East London, is simply wonderful! I can’t thank our dear friends Jana and Ger enough for introducing us to our favourite part of London. If you are looking at renting, buying or just spending a day in the area here is why you need to:

What makes Wapping great:

  1. Community pride

    This small neighbourhood just a stone’s throw from the city, Tower Bridge and the Thames river, has such a strong sense of community and a typical country village feel. Locals who have been here for their entire lives are so proud of being Wapping locals and having been here through crucial moments in history like The Blitz in WWII. The area has regular get-togethers where anyone can learn about the history of Wapping (from walks to movie nights).

  2. History

    Wapping is filled with a dark, yet incredibly interesting history. From pirates being hanged at Execution Dock, being mostly destroyed in the Second World War and the Battle of Wapping. If history is your thing, then this is your hood.

  3. Warehouse conversations

    I have become totally obsessed with all these gorgeous New York style warehouse conversations. Considering the proximity to London City you can get one for a fairly decent price. My favourite buildings are New Crane Wharf and Pierhead Wharf (technically a new build representing a warehouse conversation).

  4. AMAZING coffee

    There are a number of incredible coffee shops in Wapping. My go to spots are Cinnamon Coffee and the new kid on the block Urban Baristas. Both have their own style and serve top notch coffee and cakes.

  5. Incredible Italian food

    There is no shortage of mouthwatering Italian in Wapping. Between the very popular Ill Bordello (the schnitzel with mushroom sauce is just heaven) and my new favourite Gastronomica (pepperoni pizza in true Italian style for a great price) we are getting our Italian fix weekly!

  6. Riverside pubs that aren’t crowded

    I almost don’t want to share this, but Town of Ramsgate, is my favourite pub in London. The pub is within walking distance from Wapping station and we’ve always been able to find great (riverside) seats in their lovely outside area. The food is good and the prices even better. It’s about community and great music.

  7. Pretty parks, one even has a river view

    You know you are in for a treat when a garden has the beautiful name of ‘Rose Gardens’. It’s fairly small, but dog-friendly so it gets my vote. Just across the road from the Rose Gardens you’ll find another (even smaller, but equally pretty) park with a river view!

  8. Friendly people

    Most people who know me, know that I really struggled to adjust to London. Much more than I thought I would. Moving to Wapping was a game changer. People are down to earth, you can spot regulars within a few weeks and you’re actually greeted with a ‘heya’ when walking down the high street.

  9. An actual high street

    Other than Pizza Express there are NO other big brand shops. We have a butcher that you’ll become friends with, a lovely fruit and vegs shop and a darling pharmacy located a few steps from the NHS medical centre.

  10. Great proximity to the city and South and East London

    This is a winner if you are looking to be easily connected to East and South London. As South Africans, a good chunk of our friends live in South West London and some new friends are mostly East. Wapping is on the Overground so whether you need to head to Clapham Junction or Hackney it’s no problem. You can also walk to the beautiful Tower of London, Whitechapel, Shoreditch etc. For those Londoners working in Bank, this neighbourhood is meant for you.

If you have any questions about this beautiful area, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer: These are only some of the things I love about Wapping. I will aim to write more about this area in the next couple of weeks.

You can cross the Tower Bridge to explore Bermondsey and our favourite food market, Maltby Street Market. 

Now, time for pictures:

wapping east london

wapping east london

wapping east london

wapping east london

wapping east london

wapping east london

wapping east london

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