Travel Places: Celebrations in Copenhagen

Copenhagen was everything we hoped it would be and more. It was one of those cities that within an hour of being there we agreed we can both move there (but probably never will). An opinion that all our friends who have been to this lovely city have shared. The style (from decor, clothes and general coolness), the food and the sense of a magical kingdom had us captured immediately.

Streets of Christianshaven, Copenhagen
Streets of Christianshaven, Copenhagen

Our weekend away to celebrate my birthday started off a bit rocky. And by bit, I mean a lot. We headed to the airport on Thursday evening and decided to spend the night at the Premier Inn near Gatwick (my mistake, I thought it was in the airport, but booked the wrong one which is a shuttle away #ugh). We had an early flight and from experience, we’ve learned that spending the night relaxing in an airport hotel is better than getting a taxi at 04:00. However, it wasn’t very relaxing after I had an ugly fall running to the catch a train. Poor Espe stayed calm and was so supportive insisting that we cancel if I don’t feel up to it. However, we persevered and thanks to plenty of ibuprofen, ice and pity from Espe we made it to Copenhagen.

It’s so easy to get to the city from the airport (unlike our wonderful, but oh-so-big London). The airport staff was friendly and helpful and even with a shoulder I could barely move and a throbbing knee and ankle it was as pleasant as a busy airport can possibly be.

Streets of Christianshaven, Copenhagen
Streets of Christianshaven, Copenhagen

Where to stay in Copenhagen:

We decided to stay in Christianshaven as it was near the music festival, Haven, that we were attending. We didn’t know much about the area. I was slightly nervous when I realised it was where the controversial hippy community was based. However, our incredible B&B was far enough, yet close enough to see that this is a vibrant part of Copenhagen. Prices are slightly lower than in the center, and you’ll get more of a local feel…something we love.

We stayed at the most adorable Bed & Breakfast called Sankt Annae B&B. This was the first time we had a shared bathroom and I was nervous. However, it was so lovely, large and cleaned immaculately that it wasn’t an issue at all. Ask for the room that is on the same level as the bathroom and you won’t need to queue.

My favourite part was the larger than average room without a TV. Which meant once we got to the room we really relaxed and switched off. I seemed to have sadly lost my photos of the beautiful B&B so you’ll have to take my word, it looks like the ‘dream house’ board that you’ve created on Pinterest.

You can book the beautiful guesthouse here. Our host was incredibly kind and a big thank you for helping me ice my knee!

Streets of Christianshaven, Copenhagen
Streets of Christianshaven, Copenhagen

5 Things to do in Copenhagen:

  1. Visit Christianshaven, but not just for the hippies: This area has lovely coffee shops and a beautiful, crystal-clear canal running through it. Make sure to visit these two spots when you are wondering around the area; Sweet Treat Coffee Shop and Sankt Annae 8 Restaurant and Bistro.
  2. Go to the Botanical Gardens: This is a lovely activity to do in the city and is one of the most beautifully kept gardens that I’ve ever had the pleasure to stroll around in. Entering the garden itself is free so you can take some food and just spend an afternoon there if you are lucky enough to get some sun.
  3. Nyhavn: Yes, it’s the equivalent of taking on Big Ben in London, but there is a reason for it. You’ll find the pretty pastel houses, and canals that you’ve dreamed of. Obviously, the earlier you go the better your experience will be. We were pretty tired at this stage and it was crowded with tourist taking selfies, but never the less it really is worth it (and yes we joined in on the selfie madness).
  4. Torvehallerne Food Market: There are a number of Food Markets in Copenhagen, but our friend Nicola took us to Torvehallerne and it was just awesome! They have more than enough food to satisfy any craving and we found a big enough table outside for our tired bodies to relax (normally the worst part of going to a food market).
  5. People watch: Don’t just look at the physical appearances of people in Copenhagen (yes, everyone is beautifully blond and incredibly stylish), but look at how they interact with each other and their kids. We saw people leave their babies in prams outside a coffee shop as they grab a quick take away. This has to be a testimony of the environment that has been created in this city (and the country I assume). People in Copehagen are a lot more relaxed than I thought they would be. They take things really slow and have a calm nature. It’s very inspiring to watch these city slickers go about their daily routines in a country-like kind of way. I just assumed for a clean and efficient country that the people might be very serious but that’s not the case at all.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Sweet Treat Coffee Shop in Christianshavn
Sankt Annae 8 Restaurant & Bistro
Sankt Annae 8 Restaurant & Bistro
Copenhagen Botanical Gardens
Copenhagen Botanical Gardens
Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Food Market Copenhagen
Torvehallerne Food Market

Things to be aware of in Copenhagen:

  1. It really is expensive. Especially shopping. Which is a shame because second to Amsterdam this would have been my favourite shopping city. Except I didn’t buy anything. You will find great quality, unique and simple designs that are hard to find nowadays in a world filled with fast fashion.
  2. Oddly we were charged the wrong amount at restaurants twice. Now, this may just be a coincidence but as with any place that you visit that has a different currency to your own, it’s easy to just trust the shop attendant. But make sure you get to grasp with the currency when you get there.
  3. We went to Copenhagen in August (summer) and I did not pack warm enough. Take an umbrella and a raincoat!

Copenhagen, DenmarkCopenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Everywhere you look is photo worthy in Copenhagen (Sweet Treat Coffee Shop)

Copenhagen, Denmark

Hopefully, we’ll be back again Copenhagen!


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