Travel Places: Visit Maltby Street Market for great food

Maltby Street Market London Bermondsey

Maltby Street Market London BermondseyThere is always something to discover in London, and this weekend was no exception. After being told about the amazing Maltby Street Market in December 2016 (thanks, Ilse!), we finally made our way to this gem in Bermondsey. If you like food and don’t like crowds (including hordes of tourists) then this market will become your new best friend. 

Based on the South side of Thames river, only 5 -min from Tower Bridge you’ll find the cuteness that is Maltby Market. Located next to (and part of) an overground train tunnel is one amazing street filled with great food. The market consists of small stands but some of the gaps under the tunnel have been converted to shops. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m a sucker for conversions.

Where is Maltby Street Market?

Nearest Tube Station: London Bridge or Bermondsey
Nearest Rail Station: London Bridge

41 Maltby Street

When to go:

Saturday 9am – 4pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm

What to expect:

We arrived at 12:00 and was surprised to find the market with just the right amount of busy. It had a great atmosphere yet we found it easy to get food and drinks.

As the market is lined down a narrow street there aren’t that many seats in the actual market area. There are a few small restaurants and coffee shops that have lovely seating, but people just take to the sidewalks to enjoy their food. Ain’t no problem with that.

There are lovely toilets available for the public at no charge in the middle of the market so you don’t have to worry about the lavatory situation if you plan on spending a couple of hours there.

What to try:

The market has something for everyone. Whether you want a hearty lunch or a quick dessert, you won’t be disappointed.

I can really recommend the coffee from Comptoir Courmand and the steak and chips from The Beefsteaks. The German hot dogs looked incredible and so did the cocktails served at the restaurant in the middle of the market (you can’t miss it). For a full list of traders and what you can treat your taste buds to take a look here.



Happy hanging out at Maltby Street to you!


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Maltby Street Market Bermondsey Visit

Maltby Street Market Bermondsey Visit

Maltby Street Market Bermondsey Visit

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