Travel Tips: Stay happy and healthy

Firstly, no I didn’t run into that tree, but do you see how easy it is for me to get hurt while I travel?! I mean I am pretty much about to trip and run head-on into a tree, in one move #soclassy.

My biggest hope before we travel is generally that we’ll stay happy and healthy in order to make the most of our holiday. Because of that, we go prepared, like super prepared. No matter where we go we generally take the same stack of health supplies. It’s basically our little holiday first aid kit and I wanted to share it.

Me, very grumpy and drowsy on a boat in Vietnam. Thanks, anti-motion sickness tablets!

10 Items to travel with and stay healthy:

  1. Antibiotics: You’ll need a great GP, but in South Africa, if you explain you are going abroad and you want broad-spectrum antibiotics they’ll generally sort you out. It’s such a relief knowing that we have a back up to use in the event of getting flu or even serious toothache.
  2. Hand sanitiser: No need to explain to you how filthy travelling can get. Keep the germs one step further away by regularly using hand sanitiser (or second best, take a dip in the ocean).
  3. Paracetamol: A family favourite. Not a single holiday has gone by where either myself or the husband hasn’t needed paracetamol. An absolute must-have.
  4. Anti-motion sickness tablets: I made a rookie mistake of me to when we went to Portugal involving trains and aeroplanes and guess who forget her anti-motion sickness tablets!? I had to pay almost £5 for a pack. Look for ones that are non-drowsy. If you happen to get a stomach bug this will also help you out. In the same aisle, you’ll probably find diarrhoea tablets too. Best to take a pack.
  5. Anti-histamine tablets: In Amsterdam, I very strangely got stung by a wasp as if I was playing on a farm in South Africa. I wasn’t…I was sitting in a restaurant minding my own business and bam! The only thing that really helped was the antihistamine. Even though I’m not allergic the little punk really got to me and I was so grateful for our trusted South African favourite, Texa (non-drowsy).
  6. Sunscreen: Basically, you really don’t want to have after sun cream on this list. Don’t be a fool (coming from one).
  7. Rooibos tea: This one I got from my mom who always travels with Rooibos tea. This kick-ass little South African tea is filled with tons of antioxidants and doesn’t have any caffeine it in. You can drink it black (yummy) and if you are starting to get any signs of feeling ill just add lemon and honey and you’ll basically be cured. I’m not kidding. Whether you have a stomach cramp, are nauseous or coming down with a cold, this is going to be your saving grace. You can find it in most grocery stores nowadays. Check out all the benefits here and take a look at this beautiful video about the Magic of Rooibos that BOS created.
  8. Antiseptic cream: Say goodbye to that rash and hello to some more walking. It was also handy in that wasp situation mentioned earlier. 
  9. Lubricating eye-drops: An essential during and after a long-haul flight. If you are lucky enough to be spending your holiday in an air-conditioned room you’ll also appreciate this guy.
  10. Plasters: From getting blisters to literally falling on my face running to the airport the night before my birthday…I have never regretted packing at least 20 plasters.

I hope you might have discovered a product or two that you haven’t thought about and that you are ready to pack that travel first-aid-kit.



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