Travel Places: My London Big 5 (No. 4 SA Food / Nando’s)

My London Big 5 Nando's

My London Big 5 (no. 4): South African food / Nando’s

Cost: £13.15

Nando’s – a South African brand that has made it really big globally. Few Brits seem to know that Nando’s originated in our beautiful country (Johannesburg 1987 to be exact). Now, I KNOW that strictly speaking its Portuguese cuisine, but to me it is home. Their menu is inspired by African dishes and whatever you do make sure to add the perinaise sauce!

There are a number of Nando’s restaurants that you can duck into on your way from the zoo, but I opted for the first international Nando’s I went to in 2007 near London Bridge, Click Street (I’m a sucker for nostalgia). You can take the Northern Line from Camden Town to London Bridge and walk through Borough Market (another London must see). It’s a bloody lovely Nando’s and yeah, I upsized!

Nando's Click Street London
Told you: From Southern Africa to London

Nando's Click Street London

Nando's Click Street LondonNando's Click Street LondonProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

Nando's Click Street London Savanna Dry Cider
Another South African staple, Savanna Dry Cider
Nando's Click Street London


Friggen beautiful, thanks, Nando’s! This really took me home.

Now that I had a full stomach I was ready for my final stop. No. 5 of My London Big 5! Take a look and check out the video if you like.

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