Travel Accessories: 5 Laptop bags to take on vacation

You might be sceptical to travel with your most priced tech positions, and I don’t blame you. It’s daunting to think you might damage the goods that are not only very valuable when it comes to costs but also carries a lot of personal value.

You can and should have travel insurance, but isn’t there always a loophole and what about those photos that you didn’t back up yet!?

I have two laptop bags and neither are really doing what they are meant to. One doesn’t have a strap and the other has no support (it’s made from the most beautiful leather but it’s soft and unstructured). When you are boarding flights and running to catch a train you need a good strap and ideally, your bag should be shockproof and waterproof.

Here are my top 5 recommendations for laptop bags found on Amazon UK:

Red leather satchel bag £99.95

red laptop bag 1red laptop bag

Felt shoulder bag £13.99


Convertible handbag backpack £29.99

HotsydeHotsyde 1

Anti Thief, water resistant laptop bag £16.99

Greygrey 1

Hamilton work bag £18.99

HamiltonHamilton 1

Happy shopping!


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