Travel tips: Travel with Flying Tiger

Travel Accessories

Flying Tiger! It’s hard to describe this place but in three words it’s:

  1. Amazing
  2. Affordable
  3. Fun

Flying Tiger Packing List Travel Accessories

It’s one of the first shops I fell in love with after moving to London.

Essentially if you need that one thing that you can’t figure out where to find, you’ll find it at Tiger. But that’s not all…you’ll find it in a bright colour for a great price.  Like they say on their website, there is something for every occasion.

While doing my monthly Tiger shop I noticed the insanely cute travel accessories they have.

Here are my top 5 travel accessories from Tiger that you need to get your hands on before your next adventure:

Heads up: Unfortunately, Tiger doesn’t sell their products online. You can find Tiger in all major cities in the UK, Europe, Japan, Korea and in New York City. 

Packing list sheet £1

How many times to you say “Do I have everything” before heading on holiday? These are so cute and really handy and it looked like there was at least 20 sheets in the pack.

Flying Tiger Packing List Travel Accessories

Heart your toothbrush at only £1

Have you ever put your toothbrush in the hotel bathroom glass only to realise there is just one glass in the room!? Then just look at that pretty heart shaped toothbrush holder.

Flying Tiger Toothbrush Travel Accessories

Padlock your belongings for £1

Protect your belongings with this adorable heart padlock (doubling up as a way to spot your luggage).

Flying Tiger Padlock Travel Accessories

Organiser to keep you sane for £1

I need this, today! For £1 you can afford the leisure of being organised on holiday like an adult.

Flying Tiger Organiser bags Travel Accessories

Bottle to stay hydrated for £1 

Having an empty water bottle with me is one of my favourite travel tips.  Most airports now have filtered water that you can use to fill up your bottle once you’ve gone through security, and while you are on your flights you can ask the crew to fill up your bottle. You won’t keep hydrated on a 13-hour flight with a tiny 200ml cup of water.

Flying Tiger Water bottle Travel Accessories

Love you Tiger, and see you next month!

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