Travel Places: Visiting Keukenhof


I have previously written about Amsterdam and how visiting Keukenhof was one of the highlights of our trip. However, I only shared a couple of photos, so this one is for all the true tulip lovers out there.

We had pretty high expectations going there, but nothing prepared us for the thousands of tulips that was waiting for us. We didn’t even get annoyed by the equal amount of tourists waiting for us.

When to go:

Make sure to visit the Keukenhof website before planning your trip. The park is only open for a few weeks from mid-March to early May every year when the tulips are in full bloom. You can drive to Keukenhof, use public transport or join a guided tour. However, I recommend the below….

Book your tickets:

The Tiqets: The Skip the Line and Public transport ticket is super convenient (that’s what we like). These tickets are £25.54, cheaper than buying your entry ticket and return transport tickets separately.

Now with the travel tips behind us let’s take a look at tulips in every single colour that you can possibly imagine. Enjoy…


Keukenhof Amsterdam
Keukenhof Amsterdam
Keukenhof Amsterdam
Keukenhof Amsterdam
Keukenhof Amsterdam
Keukenhof Amsterdam

Keukenhof Amsterdam Netherlands Flowers 4Keukenhof Amsterdam Netherlands Flowers 6Keukenhof Amsterdam Netherlands FlowersKeukenhof TulipsKeukenhof TulipsKeukenhof TulipsKeukenhof TulipsIMG_2340Keukenhof Flowers Amsterdam Netherlands

Keukenhof really needs to be on your bucket list. It’s easy to visit from Amsterdam and worth every cent.


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