Travel Tips: Say yes to the travel dress

Travel Fashion

Are you the type of person who spends most of your time in jeans? Then maybe like me, you’re always travelling with heavy luggage! The solution is so simple: pack dresses in stead!  It’s taken me longer than I’d like to admit, but finally, I’m travelling lighter.

Here is why dresses are the absolute best:

  1. You can generally dress them up or down by adding the right jewellery or pairing your dress with your favourite sneakers.
  2. You’ll be travelling light, especially if you opt for a chiffon or T-shirt type fabric. The best is anything that you won’t need to iron.
  3. If you are travelling for a few weeks and will be washing your clothes while you’re on holiday then dresses are quicker to dry.
  4. It’s easy to add layers by adding a Tshirt or pair of tights underneath your dress. Tights are so light to carry around with you if you need to change during the day. I do this in London a lot!
  5. We’ve travelled a few times where we had impromptu beach stops. Dresses are perfect to go from exploring the streets to lounging on the beach (jeans, not so much. I know.)

I’ve found a few great travel dresses on Amazon UK, they have a large selection of different styles and fabrics for any type of holiday break you have planned. Happy shopping!

5 of the best dresses to travel with: 

Great Plains Women’s Candy Stripe button dress £38.90

Tommy Hilfiger polo £77.50

Summer dress travel


Summer Dress
Summer Dress
Have fun deciding which dresses you’ll be taking on your next travel adventure. I’ve got mine ready to go.

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