Travel Places: 5 Reasons why you need to visit Kew Gardens

Last week I finally made the journey to Kew Gardens (a large botanical garden in Southwest London) after living in London for 17 months! It’s one of the first things I wanted to do, yet I kept on putting it off. After speaking to a few friends I realised that I wasn’t alone, so I thought it would be helpful to motivate you by sharing 5 reasons why you should visit Kew Gardens:

  1. You can make a day of it: Yes, it can take some time to get there (especially if you are travelling from East London), but it’s important to remember that you can spend an entire day there. I was in the park for 4 hours and didn’t see half of it. If you are a tourist visiting London this can give you a feel of what the countryside is like and see a different side of London. You are allowed to take in food and drinks, so remember to pack a picnic.
  2. Explore Kew Gardens village: I had no idea that the village of Kew Gardens was so lovely. If you take the train you should add some time to visit the shops and grab a coffee here before heading to the Gardens (scroll down for picture).
  3. You’ll connect with nature and relax: Kew Gardens will give you a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle that is London. You might think than going to Greenwich Park or Hampstead Heath is similar, but I promise you it’s not. The size of Kew Gardens really does make you feel connected to nature in a deeper way that other London parks.
  4. You will learn something: For me, it was not fully understanding the humidity needed for palm trees to survive and thrive and not knowing what thousands of roses together smell like….absolute heaven!
  5. You’ll leave feeling inspired: If like me you need colour in your life to feel inspired then this is the best place to go in London. The greyness of this city can’t really get to you, so to know that there is a colourful place like this is just great.

You can buy tickets to Kew Gardens here to skip the line, for £14.

Below are some of my favourite photos of my day in Kew Gardens:

Kew Gardens Village
Kew Gardens Village – as you exit the station you’ll find Tap on the Line pub
Kew Gardens Palm House
The Palm House in Kew Gardens was a highlight

Kew Gardens palm houseKew GardensKew Gardens PalmhouseKew GardensKew Gardens CottageKew Gardens pondKew Gardens rosesKew Gardens Roses

Let us know if you’ve been to Kew Gardens or would like to go. I’ll gladly share more tips if you have specific questions. xHelettex

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