Travel Tech: It’s called a pretty bank and it’s more than a power bank

Today marks the 10th birthday of the iPhone. Yes, that’s correct. Let that sink in…

If like us you simply love your iPhone, or any smartphone for that matter,  but have one pet peeve…the battery power, then continue reading.

Two things that I wish someone taught me when I started travelling is:

  1. If you spend more than 3 days in a country invest in a sim card. Make sure that your phone is set up for international roaming, and just do it. You will know where you are, can search great coffee shops near you and as we had to do once in New York City, find very last minute accommodation.
  2. Buy a power bank! It’s not worth spending all that money to go on your dream vacation and not take the pictures you want, or book the restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to.

On this specific New York trip we found ourselves buying a sim card and power bank in a bit of a travel emergency. Initially, we wanted to cry about what felt like a waste of money, but we have not regretted the purchase once. Except, for one very materialistic but important thing, it’s ugly. Our power bank pretty much looks like this:


I am fairly self-conscious when I whip out our black box in a restaurant and aware of looking a tad suspicious. So I scanned Amazon and browsed through 100s of power banks to find the ultimate pretty banks.

We hereby bring you the Global Occasion top 10 pretty banks, more than just another power bank.

The Samsung Evo Rechargeable Battery Pack

Hallo, my pretty, pink power bank with a wrist strap!

£24.99, Amazon

Samsung Evo Rechargeable Battery Pack Pink

The Fresh Rebel Rechargeable USB

Navy with leather, yes, please! There are 5 colours to choose from, but this one was our favourite…

Now £24.96, Amazon

Rebel Rechargeable USB

The allimity Dual Mirror Power Bank Portable Charger

Ever feel like you just need to look in the mirror and charge your phone (like when it’s selfie time on the beach). Now you can. We really like it because it’s goooooold.

£12.99, Amazon

Mirror rechargeable usb

Trendz Fashion Universal Powerbank Charger with built-in compact mirror

Take the gold version one step further and replace it with birds and you get this baby.

Only £4.99, Amazon

Trends Birds power banks

The GMYLE Ultra Thin Wallet Sized Marble Print power bank

If you like travelling because it has the ability to take you back in time then how about this marble print bank? #swoon

£11.98, Amazon

Marble power bank

Emoji Powerbank

This is not a joke, you can get an emoji powerbank. This one is our favourite, but there are a lot more to choose from.

£13.99, Amazon

Emoji power bank

Reacher mini power bank portable charger with cute panda design

Sometimes we all need a panda in our pocket, and guess what, now you can.

£13.99, Amazon

panda rechargeable usb power bank

Samsung LED Cap Evo Battery Pack, Baby Blue

This light blue charger is so calming. Simply perfect for when you are stressed that you won’t get that amazing sunset because your phone died.

£9.99, Amazon

Baby blue rechargeable usb

OKZU Dog Power Bank 

Small with a pooch on it, it’s win-win.

£7.99, Amazon

Doggy rechargeable usb

PowerGroov powerbank pink

No such thing as too much pink and ‘PowerGroov’…what a name.

£12.52, Amazon

Powergroove pink portable powerbank

Hopefully, this has inspired you to think before you grab the first power bank you see. If you spend money you should spend it wisely.

Let us know if you have a prettier power bank by sharing a link to your power bank below. We would love to see more!

PS All images were taken from Amazon

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