Woofs of the World: Miniature Longhaired Dachshund

I should start by saying that I’m not 100% objective towards the Dachshund. They have been in our family all my life, and most recently my sister and her husband added two longhaired Dachshunds. We absolutely love these little guys. And here is why…

Who: Longhaired Dachshund

Where: Dachshunds with their short legs, known for their hunting abilities and courage, hail from Germany. However, there are theories that date these sausage dogs all the way back to ancient Egypt. I’ve often thought that they have a ‘high and mighty’ nature, with their big personalities, and this might be due to the fact that they were commonly found in royal courts over Europe #fancysausages. And how about this for a fun fact: A dachshund named Waldi was created as the first official mascot for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. What a little champ!

Meet Waldi, Munich 1972 mascot
Meet Waldi, Munich 1972 mascot

Colour: Officially the breed can be found in the following colours: Black and Tan, Chocolate and Tan, Chocolate Dapple, Red, Shaded Red, Silver dapple

Age: The average age that Dachshunds reach is between 12 – 14 years

Size: These pooches can vary in weight from 3.6 – 5kg and are on average 13 – 18cm in height. In other words, they don’t have a great vantage point, but they sure make due.

Who would like them: If you have a garden, enjoy hiking and walking or going to the beach (and have a tonne of patience as they can be hard to train) then you’ll enjoy this breed.

If you opt to go for the longhaired Dachshunds then you’ll have to know they will need grooming. The best owner for this breed is the type of person who will have the time to make their pooch look pretty, as they will need a daily brush.

They need regular exercise (as with all dogs) so that they can stay healthy and can release some of the energy that comes with being a natural hunter. That means as much off-lead time as possible. You will soon learn that they are intelligent and, oh man, can they be stubborn. They will not appreciate being told what to do when playing. Dachshunds can sulk like few other dogs if they feel like they are being treated unfairly.

Additionally, if you need a watchdog you can’t go wrong as they are highly alert and have a loud, deep bark that makes you jump (thanks to their large lungs and barrel-like chest). Remember that with any Dachshund their spines are extremely sensitive and you should be very mindful about any exercise that involves putting pressure on their backs, like climbing stairs or running up a hill.

A big shout out to the photographer, Jaco Maritz, who managed to capture his beautiful two longhaired Dachshunds looking too darn cute in Cape Town, South Africa:

Long hair daschunds 1
This is Tomi, in Cape Town, South Africa
Long hair dachshunds 2
And his big bro, Moody.
long hair Dachshund
Best pals

Thanks to Dogtime.com, The Kennel Club and Purina.com for its helpful content. Check out their sites for more on the Dachshund.

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