Beautiful sleeping bags, they exist!

I’m going through a spring cleaning phase and year after year I find myself wanting to get rid of our not so nice looking sleeping bags, but know that I can’t. Because, what are our options, right?

So, as I was lying on my floor this evening looking at our “let’s-hide-these-under-the-bed items” (like cricket bats, snorkelling gear and ugly sleeping bags), I realised that I have to go on a hunt to find some nice looking sleeping bags.

It wasn’t easy, but I found some. I have to be honest, I could have easily listed 100 gorgeous sleeping bags for kids…not fair people who design sleeping bags.

But, from super pink to super simple I present to you, my top five Oh-so pretty sleeping bags for adults:

1. Good Intent (listed on Etsy): The Original Florabunda handmade sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag

2. Anorak: Kissing Horses Sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag

3. Lands End: Spinnaker Stripe Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

4. Amazon: Wildkin Leopard Stay Warm Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag


5. Amazon: Teton Sports Celius Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

Thank goodness for international shipping. Happy camping/crashing on someone’s couch, everyone!

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