Woofs of the World: Jack Russell

In honour of our friends who recently adopted a handsome woof with the name of Roger, we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s Woof of the World to the popular Jack Russell Terrier.


In South Africa these guys are pretty common, with their vibrant energy and sense of adventure stealing hearts across the country.


Meet Roger, isn’t he cute?

Who: Jack Russell Terrier

Where: As with the darling, Bedlington Terrier, the Jack Russell hails from England. They are named after Reverend John Russell, who was first to breed with them in 1795. Their most important duty, to hunt.

Colour:Jack Russells can be found in three colour combinations: tan and white, black and white and tricolored (black, tan and white). Not only do they come in three colours, they also come in three coat types: smooth, broken and rough. Each as cute as the other.

Age: These guys can get pretty old for a dog, 13 – 16 years.

Size: Tiny but sturdy at 5 -7.9 kg and average height of 30 – 36cm.

Who would like them: Farmers, people who own big gardens, joggers, kids, hikers, adventure seekers, sport lovers. In a nutshell, people with energy. They have to get plemty of exercise to keep healthy and happy, as they should be. They can get very frustrated and aggressive if they don’t get enough play time and social interaction. It’s important to realise that they generally do not make great apartment dogs with their need for heaps of energy and stimulation. You need to commit to giving this lively woof a home where he will not get bored, because he will nip when unhappy.

Without keeping you up any longer, we give you cute pics:


Pic from Pinterest

Pic from Maxine's Flickr

Pic from Maxine’s Flickr

Pic from Pinterest

Pic from Pinterest

Pic from Daisuke's Flickr

Pic from Daisuke’s Flickr

Pic from Wikimedia

Pic from Wikimedia

Pic from So Dog Gone Funny

Pic from So Dog Gone Funny

Pic from Frank's Flickr

Pic from Frank’s Flickr

Pic from Pinterest

Pic from Pinterest

Here’s to Roger, we know that he will be very happy in his new home, and encourage everyone to adopt first. The rewards are endless.

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