Woofs of the World: Bedlington Terrier

Mary had a little Bedlington Terrier, and he was oh so darn cute.


We’ve recently starting seeing these lamb-lookalikes around Cape Town and fell head over heals in love.

Soft, cuddly and super adorable, the Bedlington Terrier may be new to us but not to the people of Bedlington, North East England where they are from. Bedlington is a small town with only 15200 people, and it seems a vermin problem, as that was the main reason this fluff ball was bred for.

Who: Bedlington Terrier

Where: Our lamb friend has been around since 1825 roaming the streets of Bedlington, England.

Colour: Although they start out with dark fur, the Bedlington pup soon changes into a blue, liver, sandy colour or even a combination of all three. They mostly look white to us.

Age: The Bedlington can get up to 14 years. We like!

Size: They are fairly light weight at only 7 – 10.4 kg, with their average height ranging between 39 – 44 cm.

Who would like them: Unlike lambs, they will fit perfectly into your home if you have a very active and outdoorsy lifestyle. Since it was bred to hunt vermin, it’s advisable to have them in a yard where small animals aren’t frequent visitors. Unless you want to come home to a blood bath daily. Since they are known to be very stubborn they are going to need a strong leader figure around the house.

Fifi Yin's Flickr
Fifi Yin’s Flickr
Bedlington Terrier
Beddiz’s Flickr
Bedlington Terrier
From Psy Pies
Bedlington Terrier
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
Bedlington Terrier
From Pinterest
Bedlington Terrier
From Adore62’s Flickr
Bedlinton Terrier
From Pinterest

The Bedlington Terrier is officially on our wishlist. #lambdogisthecutest

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