Woofs of the World: Great Dane

The Germans sure know how to breed dogs. This week we take a look at the well-known Great Dane. This is one sweetheart dog, and you probably didn’t know that being misled by his size. Also, did you know that in Germany they are known as Deutsche Dogge which means German Mastiff?

So let’s take a look at the Great Dane:


Who: The Great Dane

Where: This one not that simple to answer but the title goes to the Germans. Dogs resembling the Great Dane date back all the way to ancient Greece. There is also the matter of the strong English Mastiff influence, but in 1880 it was decided that the Great Dane was now a new recognized breed from Germany. In 1876 it was even elected as their national dog.

Colour: Slightly tricky so we’re enlisting the help of this handy infographic to guide us through all the colours. In a nutshell you get Fawn, Brindle, Harlequin, Mantle, Blue, Black and Oddsies:

Great Dane ColoursImage from Deviant Art

Age: It’s very sad but the average lifestyle of this gentle giant is only 6-8 years.

Size: Male Great Danes are usually no smaller than 76 cm at the shoulders, and a female 71 cm. They can weigh up to 54kg. Let that sink in for a second. Remember this tiny woof?

Who would like them: If you are looking for a dog to give lots and lots of love and cuddles to then the Great Dane is for you. They are very friendly, gentle, loving and adore children. Even though they are very lazy, it’s still important to make sure they get enough energy to keep them in the good shape. So contrary to popular believe, if you can put your glass ware away they make great dogs for smaller environments as long as you make the effort to take them for a walks daily, and then cuddle at night. That’s not asking a lot. Just look at that face….

Great Dane Puppy
Image from Pet Assure
Great Dane
Image from We Heart It
Great Dane Puppy
Image from Googydog
Great Dane Puppy
Image from Indulgy
Great Dane
Image from Indulgy
Great Dane Puppy
Image from Dog Appreciation Tumblr
Great Dane Puppy
Image from The Painted Bench Tumblr

This pooch is definitely on our wish list and hopefully we can share pics of our own Great Dane one day. Imagine the cuddles.

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