Travel Fashion: Flight outfit advice

We’re of the opinion that your outfit can make or break your flight, we’re talking long flights. After making the mistake of tying and untying shoe laces seven times, getting stuck in a hoodie and accidentally elbowing the passenger next to me, it’s save to say we’ve learned some lessons along the way. Here they are:


1. Pack an empty water bottle: Not quite an outfit, but we think it’s just as important and doesn’t have to be ugly. Fill up once on the plane and stay hydrated. Cotton On

Bottle Cotton On

2. Neck pillow: Our 2nd of 3 non-outfit items.Try out a comfy neck pillow to help you get some sleep on a long flight. Also really useful to put behind your back while watching an inflight movie. Cotton On


3. Tissues: Take a small packet of tissues to keep with you on flight. You’d be surprised how refreshing a tissue with a few drops of water on can help when feeling flustered. Also, these have “hi” in 10 different languages. We like: Cotton On


4.Hooded Rauna: Doubles up as another pillow or blanket if you want to take it off. They are super cute and the hoodies make them great if you need to run to the plane in the rain. Urban Outfitters


5. Button up Shirt over T: Think easy to remove when flying. As much as we adore Hoodies, they are a nightmare to take off while seated on an 8 hour flight. Keep it simple with a button up for some extra heat: Urban Outfitters


6. Grey or Black T: Easier to keep clean. We can’t help it if there’s a turbulance while we’re having some OJ. White or light T’s on a plane is not advisable. Tshirts are super comfy and cool. Asos


7. Loose black pants: Jeans can be our daily bread, but on such a long flight you need to always thing comfort first. Cotton On

pants8. Pumps or slip-ons,  no laces: Remember, the one thing you won’t be doing on this flight is walking a lot. So instead of wearing sneakers get some comfy pumps. You can take them off while you’re relaxing on your seat, but really quickly pop them back on when you’re going to the loo. You don’t want to go to take that journey barefoot. Take a pare of socks to wear at your seat. No one is watching and it will help with the swelling. ASOS


Long flights can be really overwhelming. Don’t let it spoil your trip. Make your outfit work for you.

Happy flying, everyone!

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