Travel Fashion: Sneak around town

Here at Global Occasion we might have a slight obsession with sneakers. We wear them almost everyday, and almost all day long.

Sneakers are our best friends

Naturally they are our closest travel companions and no. 1 Travel-Fashion tip. For boys and girls.

There really is no reason to wear horrible, out of fashion trainers these days. Not only are they comfier than sandles, we also find that wearing socks will help you feel fresher for longer.

Just a tip, make sure to wear them a few times before you go on your trip. The last thing that we want is cursing of the sneaks.

And now our  five “we-really-really-want-these” Nike ladies sneakers of the moment:


Perfect for London:

London Nike

Perfect for Cape Town:

Cape Town Nike

Perfect for Buenos Aires:

Buenos Aires Nike

Perfect for New York:

New York Nike

Perfect for Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Nike


Don’t worry, we love Adidas, Superga, New Balance (and all the rest) just as much. We just want to give them all some love because there are simply too many that we want.

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*This is NOT a sponsored post = Told you we were sneaker obsessed.

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