Relax, it’s only a camera

One of the best tips we got before going on our holiday to Vietnam, Cambodia and Asia was to take a disposable camera.


This is the one

This is the one

It’s such a pity how much money we are willing to spend on seeing the world and yet don’t want to spend any money or take the time to develop pictures that will remind us our our wonderful trip!

We took three disposable cameras but only used two over 19 days, as we still used our digital camera and phones.

Taking a disposable camera on your trip is great a few reasons:

  1. Focus now: Makes you think twice about the picture that you are about to take.
  2. Relax, it’s only a camera: It’s not as stressful walking around with a disposable camera. If it breaks or gets stolen you won’t feel so bad.
  3. The excitement: Not knowing what it will look like until you get your prints back.
  4. Print it: It forces you to print some photos when you get back home.
  5. Look, it’s a photo album: You get to put together a real photo album to show family and friends.

Here are some of my favourite disposable camera pics from our trip. Our printer also gave our pictures to us on a CD so that we could load them to Facebook.


A disposable camera cost us around US $12 each and the printing for both cameras and CD’s only US $25. Money really well spent.

So remember to buy a disposable camera before you go on your next trip. Everyone in our group regretted not doing the same.

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