Woofs of the World: It’s an AUSTRALIAN Shepherd

We are very happy to announce our first “Woof of the World”, the Australian Shepherd.

Who: The Australian Shepherd

Where: Ironically enough, this breed is not from Australia, but rather from the ranches of West United States.

Colour: These woofs can be found in a variaty of colours; black, red, blue merle (marbled black, white and gray), and red merle (marbled red, white and buff).

Age: The average lifetime for these sweethearts are 9 years.

Size: Medium – Large (14-29 kilograms)

Who would like them: This dog has a lot of energy so he will need a family and environment where he’ll be given plenty of space to move and lots of love.

Now, just take a look at these cute dudes:

Hi, can we be your friends?
Hi, can we be your friends?
I'm cute and I know it
I’m cute and I know it

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Pictures from Our World of Dogs and All Dogs.


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