Travel places: Summer in small town, South Africa

Travel small town South Africa

I’ve been freelancing for a few months and that comes with it’s ups and downs. One of the biggest benefits are that you get to work remotely….and so I got to spend an entire month in my home country, South Africa. That means that I got to escape a little bit of winter in the […]

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Travel places: Thames river views, London

Thames River view, London

We are extremely lucky to have recently moved to a Thames river facing apartment. It’s an absolute dream and I didn’t think we would love it as much as we are! I had no idea that even when it’s 7c outside I would be able to sit in a t-shirt and shorts on our balcony […]

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Travel Places: Autumn in London 2017

Autumn in London

Just like that, it’s goodbye autumn and hello winter. I know that strictly speaking autumn is still here for another couple of weeks, but this weekend showed that it’s not getting any warmer. Full lengthΒ coats out. Beanies on. I am mesmerized by autumn in London! It’s so much more intense than what I am used […]

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Travel Places: Finding colour in Chinatown, London

It’s strange how in London you never go somewhere then in 1 week you bizarrely hit the same spot four times! This happened to me recently in Chinatown, London. To be honest, I avoid this area like the sun avoids the UK, but I ended up enjoying my visits there. The faces, the pace and […]

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Travel tips: 5 lessons I’ve learned from travelling

Lessons I've learned from travelling

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As far as travelling goes, I am clearly a big fan. However, travelling is not just white beaches and fancy cocktails. Travelling can be tough, can drive you to tears and can challenge you in ways you didn’t know is possible. As I’m reflecting on the year and the challenges […]

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Travel Tips: 10 Things you need to know about Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Travel Tips

Zimbabwe can be the ultimate stress-free holiday if you go prepared. As with many travel destinations that are more adventurous and not filled to the brim with tourists, there are some things you need to know before you leave home. 10 things you need to know before travelling to Zimbabwe: Fly SAA: South African Airways […]

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Travel Places: Finding peace in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Hotel, Zimbabwe

And so our beautiful, unforgettable and laughter filled Zimbabwean dream trip was starting to come to an end. As ourΒ host (and my favourite Zimbabwean), Felicia, from the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority said they saved the best for last. After our Hwange National Park adventure, we were in for another treat. One night in the Elephant Hills […]

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Travel Places: Searching for animals in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Wildlife wonderland: ‘The police are here because they are warning us that there are lions on the highway’. How many times do you hear that in your life? Cruising in our minibus from Bulawayo to Hwange National Park our final roadblock revealed the exciting news of lions on the highway and our eagerness to reach […]

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Travel Places: Visit beautiful Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Falling in love with Bulawayo and all the purple blossoms: There it was. Everywhere. I couldn’t stop staring and wanted to jump out of the taxi. The Jacaranda tree! It is one of the dozens of colonial ‘leftovers’ that you’ll see in Bulawayo but has become a common sight all over Southern Africa. The picture-perfect […]

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Travel Places: My favourite beaches to swim

Best Beaches

Writing about Cornwall and the brilliant time we had there got me thinking about my favourite beaches and more specifically, places to swim. Let’s be clear. I am very biased with the list. First of all; I haven’t been to all the beaches in the world (such is life) and secondly I am highlighting THREE […]

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