Beautiful sleeping bags, they exist!

I’m going through a spring cleaning phase and year after year I find myself wanting to get rid of our not so nice looking sleeping bags, but know that I can’t. Because, what are our options, right?

Sleeping Bag

So, as I was lying on my floor this evening looking at our “let’s-hide-these-under-the-bed items” (like cricket bats , snorkeling gear and ugly sleeping bags), I realised that I have to go on a hunt to find some nice looking sleeping bags.

It wasn’t easy, but I found some. I have to be honest, I could have easily listed 100 gorgeous sleeping bags for kids…not fair people who design sleeping bags.

But, from super pink to super simple I present to you, my top five Oh-so pretty sleeping bags for adults:

1. Good Intent (listed on Etsy): The Original Florabunda handmade sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag

2. Anorak: Kissing Horses Sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag

3. Lands End: Spinnaker Stripe Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

4. Amazon: Wildkin Leopard Stay Warm Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag


5. Amazon: Teton Sports Celius Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

Thank goodness for international shipping. Happy camping/crashing on someone’s couch, everyone!

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Travel Tech: Phone Cover Love NYC

Happy 2015 everyone! Another year, another day dream. Our travel dream for this year is to go back to NYC, so it’s only fitting that we look at NYC phone covers. We’ve picked our top 10 covers to celebrate one of our favourite cities in the world. If you missed the first in this series just click here.


Take a look at our TOP 10 phone covers for New York City daydreaming:

*Click on the image to shop these covers at Society6

NYC Yellow

NYC Black and White

NYC Houses

NYC Navy

NYC White

NYC Classic

NYC Flags

NYC Brown

NYC Lights

NYC Blue & Red

So, order that cover and make your #travel2015 dreams come true!

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Travel TV: Apocalypse Now

In April 2014 we travelled to Vietnam, but before our trip started we made sure to do a lot of research on this country. An element of our research consisted of watching many movies about the country. One of these films was the popular, Apocalypse Now.


Even though the movie was shot in Combodia (Vietnam’s neighbour), it gives you great insight into the Vietnam/American war, people and nature. The movie was inspired by Joseph Conrad’s novel, Heart of Darkness and features great actors like Marlon Brandon and a young Martin Sheen. The film was released in 1979, directed and produced by Francis Coppola and it is one of the best America war films ever made. It takes a deep, honest look into the war and the impact it had on soldiers and civilians as it follows Martin Sheen’s character (U.S. Army officer) in search of rogue U.S. Army colonel played by Marlon Brando.

As mentioned in previous posts, if you go to Vietnam the very least you can do is have a basic understanding of the trauma that the war caused (so that’s more than just knowing that there was a war). We made the effort to equip ourselves with a lot of the country’s history and it made our Vietnam trip so much more memorable and impressive. We could’ve spent hours in the War Museum in Saigon, yet many tourists around us simply walked in and out seemingly bored. Such a pity.

It’s a very graphic, emotional film, but incredible and a must see even if you don’t plan on visiting Vietnam soon.

Apocalypse Now

Annex - Brando, Marlon (Apocalypse Now)_15




Enjoy the movie!

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Travel Places: Kruger National Park

This past weekend we spent two nights in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. For those reading this, and not familiar with the park, the Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s largest game reserves in Africa.

Kruger Social

Our trip started with a flight from Cape Town Airport to the most beautiful airport I’ve ever set eyes on, Skukuza Airport. We travelled with Airlink and got there in just over two hours, in a small plane with about 30 people on it.


Skukuza Airport
Skukuza Airport. Looks like a lodge, doesn’t it?
Skukuza Airport
Airport Lounge
Skukuza Airport
Airlink Check-In prettiness

On our first night we stayed at the Satara camp. The camp is situated just about in the center of the Kruger and takes roughly 3 – 4 hours to get to from the Shukuza airport. Even though it’s just over 90 km from the airport there is a speed limit of 50 km per hour and you stop as you spot animals.


If you are lucky you will have a long drive, like we did, because that means lots of animals. We saw elephants, warthogs, kudus, wildebeest, hippos and the most amazing birds.

We stayed in a bungalow with 3 beds and one bathroom. The bungalows are very basic, but more than perfect for a one night stay. The average cost per night is $110 – 120 per night for three people.

Satara Bungalow
Our bungalow

At Satara we took a night drive in the most perfect summer night weather we’ve seen for months. The drive took 2.5 hours and cost about $25 per person. Even though we didn’t spot too many animals, we managed to see two sleeping lions, that made the drive worth while

The camp has a great pool with a store with the basics from eye drops to bread which will sort you out for a few nights.

On our first morning there we got up early, 05:30, and drove around the Satara area with our own vehicle. If you stay on the main road then you will be more than capable driving around in a non 4 x 4 vehicle. The tar roads makes for an easy drive. However, if you have more time in the Kruger I would advise renting a 4 x 4 vehicle in order to go on the dirt roads where you will certainly spot more animals. Height is also an advantage in a vehicle, especially in the summer months when it becomes more difficult to spot animals.

After breakfast at Satara (they have two commercial style restaurants, with average yet suffice meals) we took the road back to Skukuza. Another 3.5 hours later and we found ourselves at our bungalow for the night. Similar to Satara yet slightly more dated  with a not so nice pool the bungalow goes for $120 per night for three people. However, the camp is much larger than Satara, with a bigger and better restaurant (keep in mind this means more people and less peach and quite).

On our last morning we went on the “Guided Bush Walk“. Easily the highlight of our trip. Accompanied by two guarded field guides and four fellow walkers we took on the wild by foot. Walks should be pre-booked as they start at 04:30 in the morning and quickly gets filled up. You first take a 30 min drive out the park and then the journey begins. We only saw zebras and antelopes, but the experience was still plenty enough. The guides answer all your questions about the bush and gives you enough info to make you a “shitspert” as they say (animal poo-expert). It’s incredibly insightful and the closest you can probably get to the wild. We can highly recommend that you make the effort, and get up early for this one. The walk is roughly $45 per person and worth every cent.

Guided Bush Walk
Hiding behind the guides

Some Hidden costs to note when going to the Kruger National Park:

South African Citizens and Residents(with ID): $6.6 per person, per day
$3.3 per child , per day
SADC Nationals (with passport): $13.2 per person, per day
$6.6 per child, per day
Standard Conservation Fee (Foreign Visitors): $26.4 per adult, per day
$13.2 per child, per day

And to wrap up, 5 Lessons Learned in the Kruger:

1. Look down and you might miss the animals, look up and you might step in poop. Loose-loose, win win situation. So don’t over think it too much.

2. Monkeys really, really, really like human food. Remember to lock your food inside at all times.

3. Don’t think because you are in the wild you won’t get fined. We made the mistake of going slightly over the speed limit and got a massive fine (rightfully so).

4. The big 5, and the rest of the 4-legged animals are amazing and will take your breath away, but in the end we were probably more taken by the birds we saw. They are spectacular, so take a book with you that will help you identify each species.

5. It’s really not just about what you see, DON’T forget to smell. Until someone actually pointed it out to us we realised we almost missed the most incredible smells.

Now, time for some pictures of animals. Enjoy.


Darling elephants

Herd of elephants

Our favourite hairstyle in the bush
Enjoying the view
Enjoying the view


Tall dude having a snack
Protective mommy
Protective mommy
Spectacular trees all over
Spectacular trees all over
We followed this guy for awhile before he decided to cool down in the mud



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Woofs of the World: Jack Russell

In honour of our friends who recently adopted a handsome woof with the name of Roger, we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s Woof of the World to the popular Jack Russell Terrier.


In South Africa these guys are pretty common, with their vibrant energy and sense of adventure stealing hearts across the country.

Meet Roger, isn’t he cute?

Who: Jack Russell Terrier

Where: As with the darling, Bedlington Terrier, the Jack Russell hails from England. They are named after Reverend John Russell, who was first to breed with them in 1795. Their most important duty, to hunt.

Colour:Jack Russells can be found in three colour combinations: tan and white, black and white and tricolored (black, tan and white). Not only do they come in three colours, they also come in three coat types: smooth, broken and rough. Each as cute as the other.

Age: These guys can get pretty old for a dog, 13 – 16 years.

Size: Tiny but sturdy at 5 -7.9 kg and average height of 30 – 36cm.

Who would like them: Farmers, people who own big gardens, joggers, kids, hikers, adventure seekers, sport lovers. In a nutshell, people with energy. They have to get plemty of exercise to keep healthy and happy, as they should be. They can get very frustrated and aggressive if they don’t get enough play time and social interaction. It’s important to realise that they generally do not make great apartment dogs with their need for heaps of energy and stimulation. You need to commit to giving this lively woof a home where he will not get bored, because he will nip when unhappy.

Without keeping you up any longer, we give you cute pics:

Pic from Pinterest
Pic from Maxine's Flickr
Pic from Maxine’s Flickr
Pic from Pinterest
Pic from Pinterest
Pic from Daisuke's Flickr
Pic from Daisuke’s Flickr
Pic from Wikimedia
Pic from Wikimedia
Pic from So Dog Gone Funny
Pic from So Dog Gone Funny
Pic from Frank's Flickr
Pic from Frank’s Flickr
Pic from Pinterest
Pic from Pinterest

Here’s to Roger, we know that he will be very happy in his new home, and encourage everyone to adopt first. The rewards are endless.

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Travel TV: House Hunters International

We’ve spent hours and hours watching our favourite travel show, House Hunters International. It’s fairly straight forward, if you like travelling and property then this show is for you.

The show follows those who are brave enough (mostly young couples) to leave their home countries and wonder abroad. Most often these travellers have found a new job, oppurtunity to study or volunteer in the unknown. Couples from New York City, London, Equador, Greek Islands, Amsterdam, Cape Town, and much much smaller towns in Tasmania move thousands of miles away from home. The show follows a simple principle. Travellers are faced with finding property (whether it’s permanent or holiday) in a foreign country.

With the help of the show they are shown three properties which tend to vary in location, size and budget. The travellers are then faced with making a hard decision, choosing their new dream home. As viewers we tend to sit on the edge of our seat for the full 30 minutes. The exciting part is choosing a home completing different to what the on screen folks have chosen.

This globe trotter seriers is starting season 62, and we couldn’t be happier. The insights that you get when watching this show is just great. From how different our common living spaces are like bathrooms, kitchens, not to mention gardens or lack there off. It’s a refreshing way to learn about different cities and towns across the world while getting an unique insight on foreign property prices and spectacular views. We also enjoy the sneak peak you get into the lives of people who decide to let go of the unknown and grab the world with both hands.




House Hunters International airs on different stations througout the world, so google “House Hunters International” and your country to find out what time and channel you should tune into. For South Africans it’s Travel Channel, 179, and we have a new season that starts tonight. We can’t wait!

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Movie Monday: Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands, one of our all time favourite movies. Even though this movie isn’t set in a specific travel destination, it did make me want to travel for one simple reason, to see suburban USA.


Growing up in a very small town in South Africa, we were far away from the Avon Ladies, Summer Camps, show ‘n tell and waterbeds. This movie was my first introduction to all those things which I know associate with the USA.

Edward Scissorhands is a 1990’s Romantic Dark Comedy by Tim Burton, staring Johnny Depp (of course). Not only was I swept away by the kind nature of the “unfinished artificial man” that is Edward Scissorhands, the music simply carried me away to another world. Danny Elfman’s score has become iconic and upon travelling to the USA nearly 20 years later I found myself listen to Danny Elfman on my iPod for most of my time strolling through NYC.

This movie, along with the popular Beetlejuice set the tone for my obsession with the USA and desire to travel the country and learn about suburban live. They were friendly, well-spoken, liked haircuts, and some adventure.

It’s a cult classic and if you’re not from the States it makes you think that you’ve just travelled there.

Pic from Scathingly Brilliant
Pic from Gallery Hip
Pic from Gallery Hip
Edward Scissorhands
Pic from Reflect in Corner
Pic from Reflect in Corner
Pic from Reflect in Corner
Edward Scissorhands
Pic from Reflect in Corner


Woofs of the World: Bedlington Terrier

Mary had a little Bedlington Terrier, and he was oh so darn cute.


We’ve recently starting seeing these lamb-lookalikes around Cape Town and fell head over heals in love.

Soft, cuddly and super adorable, the Bedlington Terrier may be new to us but not to the people of Bedlington, North East England where they are from. Bedlington is a small town with only 15200 people, and it seems a vermin problem, as that was the main reason this fluff ball was bred for.

Who: Bedlington Terrier

Where: Our lamb friend has been around since 1825 roaming the streets of Bedlington, England.

Colour: Although they start out with dark fur, the Bedlington pup soon changes into a blue, liver, sandy colour or even a combination of all three. They mostly look white to us.

Age: The Bedlington can get up to 14 years. We like!

Size: They are fairly light weight at only 7 – 10.4 kg, with their average height ranging between 39 – 44 cm.

Who would like them: Unlike lambs, they will fit perfectly into your home if you have a very active and outdoorsy lifestyle. Since it was bred to hunt vermin, it’s advisable to have them in a yard where small animals aren’t frequent visitors. Unless you want to come home to a blood bath daily. Since they are known to be very stubborn they are going to need a strong leader figure around the house.

Fifi Yin's Flickr
Fifi Yin’s Flickr
Bedlington Terrier
Beddiz’s Flickr
Bedlington Terrier
From Psy Pies
Bedlington Terrier
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images
Bedlington Terrier
From Pinterest
Bedlington Terrier
From Adore62’s Flickr
Bedlinton Terrier
From Pinterest

The Bedlington Terrier is officially on our wishlist. #lambdogisthecutest

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Travel Tech: Phone Cover Love

Hardly a day goes by without us dreaming about our next adventure. If you’re the same then you’ll appreciate the value of an eye catching phone cover that reminds you of your travel goals, 24/7.


This post is the first in a series of post where we bring you our top 10 phone covers for each of our favourite cities (e.g. cities we day dream about constantly).

We’ve had a big crush on popular online store, Society 6, for some time now, and by the looks of it we won’t be getting over our crush soon. They have great customer service and their free worldwide delivery doesn’t hurt either. First up, London.

Take a look at our TOP 10 phone covers for London daydreaming.

*Click on the image to go to Society 6.

London Phone CoverLondon Phone CoverLondon phone caseLondon Phone CoverLondon Phone coverLondon Phone CaseLondon Phone CoverLondon Phone CoverLondon Phone CoverLondon phone caseDoesn’t your phone deserve to get excited about your upcoming holiday too?

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